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How to Keep Your Dog Healthy

Keep Your Dog


Keeping your dog hydrated is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your best friend stays healthy. 

During the summer months ensure you take a drink for your dog when on walks.  When your dog is out with you and panting, it doesn't always mean they have had too much exercise, it may be a sign that your loved one is very thirsty and dehydrated. 

Did you know your dog loses a lot of fluid when panting and this can cause severe issues in hot weather!


For convenience we are selling fold up bowls in our shop.  These bowls are so convenient and literally take up no space.    They are perfect to take out on walks as they fold up and can slide straight into a bag.

Tip:  If your dog doesn't like or want water while out walking, add a little chicken broth to the bottle and I'm certain they will drink as much as you can offer! 

Exercising With Your Dog

Daily exercise is needed and without sufficient workouts, your dog may generate behaviour problems and health issues.

Taking your dog on a daily walk benefits them in so many ways.   


 It helps to maintain a healthy weight, reduces digestive problems and lowers constipation. 

Sometimes people think their dog is just naughty when it barks, digs or chews things, but it can be a sign that your dog has way too much energy and needs to go for a long walk to lower its hyperactivity!

If you look at your dog like a child, you can appreciate that if they are not given something constructive to do, they will find their own way of releasing energy and this may be quite naughty! 

When out walking your dog may constantly sniff bushes or lamp post. Let him.  Sniffing while out walking helps your dog socialise with other local pets and lets them know what is going on in the area. 

Here are some of the benefits of taking your dog on walks: 

  • Can help maintain a healthy weight

  • Helps with digestive and constipation problems

  • Can build a frightened dogs confidence & trust

  • Gives your dog a better nights sleep & helps to relax

  • Stops bad behaviour (chewing, barking, digging etc)

  • Can stop them play biting

  • Manages your dogs energy levels 

  • Gives your dog freedom to socialise with other local pets and can help build friendly relationships which can lower your dogs stress levels! 

If your wondering how much exercise your dog needs, it all really depends on your dogs age, breed and health. 

Most dogs need a minimum of 30-60 minutes walking a day, however this is all dependent on size and breed.  30 minutes walking may be ok if you have a little Jack Russell or a pug, but larger working breeds need a good amount of quality time off the lead to ensure they are getting enough aerobic exercise.

Never think that your dog is getting enough exercise in the house, as this will lead to many potential problems!!

Feeding My Dog

Make sure you are feeding your dog the right food and the correct amount to make sure they stay at a healthy weight!

A dogs diet is so important and choosing the right food will ensure they stay energetic and live a healthy life.  When choosing a pet food make sure that you look at the quantity of meat provided, as some foods are filled with chemicals. 

When buying dog food, look at the ingredients.  Healthy foods come with meat proteins, lots of vegetables, grains and fruit! 

If your dog has a bad stomach and you think it could be the food, consult a vet and consider feeding your dog grain free food as this can sometimes help.

Here are some popular brands that we sell:

Lily's Kitchen


Natural Instinct

Natures Menu

You can also consider putting your dog on a raw diet!  We provide raw frozen foods in store and these can provide vital nutrients for your dog! 

The wrong diet can give your dog bad breath, wind and some horrible smells! 

Limit how much human food you feed your pet! 

Cheese is a no no! 

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