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Puppies First Groom



The Importance of Starting Early

Making sure you start your dog young is very important, as some dogs do not enjoy being groomed if it is not introduced in their early years.  

During your puppies first grooming session we aim to make the experience as joyful as possible, making sure they are happy to be groomed in the future.  Taking the wrong approach with a puppy can put them off grooming for life! 

We welcome puppies from any age however early introduction to the grooming process is something which we believe to be vital for puppies. This is more important for breeds that will require regular grooming as adults. The earlier that puppies are introduced to the grooming process, the more at ease they will be with it, and the more they will enjoy visiting us.


In our salon we like to take our time with your puppy, anything between 1 to 2 hours, in order to get used to the dryers, other dogs, the bath, etc. It is important your dog can explore this new environment and get used to our staff and other canine clients.

This will include:

·Shampoo and massage



·Nail trimming

·Ear cleaning

·Small trim around sanitary area, paws & eyes

Puppy Package - £45

From 2nd Vaccinations - 6 months old

Call or email us now to book your puppy in -

01442 823 434

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